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Simon Medhurst – Biography



Simon graduated in Chemistry from Warwick University in 1984 and then worked in the chemical manufacturing industry. In 1985, he joined the Coal Research Establishment (CRE) of the British Coal Corporation to work on the measurement of atmospheric emissions and remained there until 2003. During this period he held the following posts:-

  • Environmental Quality Manager from 1990-2000 responsible for gaining and maintaining UKAS accreditation for stack emissions monitoring services.

  • Project Manager for numerous emissions monitoring contracts including work undertaken for UK regulators.

  • Training Manager (2000-2003) responsible for all environmental training courses.

Simon was actively involved in the formation and running of the Source Testing Association, appointed to various posts including a 12 month period as Chairman.

A member of British Standards Committee EH 2/1 (Air Quality) and CEN Technical Committee 264 (WG19, Emissions Monitoring Strategy).

Since 2003 he has worked as an independent consultant.

Current Position - Proprietor, Smedstack Environmental

His independent consultancy offers technical services, training and auditing in the field of stack emissions monitoring.

Recent experience includes:

  • MCERTS examiner and invigilator. Duties include compiling exam papers, invigilating exam events and acting as an interviewer for oral exams.

  • Provision of emissions monitoring training courses on behalf of the STA (eg MCERTS Level 1 and 2, Risk Assessment in Stack Emissions) and Sira (MCERTS awareness).

  • Provision of bespoke training courses to commercial clients (eg Guidance on the Environment Agency Operator Monitoring Assessment scheme).
  • EN ISO/IEC 17025 Technical Assessor (Stack-emissions and other environmental monitoring).
    EN ISO/IEC 17043 Technical Assessor (Proficiency Testing).
    Works for United  Kingdom Accreditation Service and Slovenian Accreditation.

  • Provision of MCERTS for CEMs Manufacturing Audits in many overseas countries including Germany, France, Sweden, Mexico, USA, Japan, Finland and others.

  • Provision of stack-emission monitoring training in the UK and overseas (eg Hong Kong, Portugal, Turkey, Ireland).

  • Technical advisor to the Environment Agency in the field of MCERTS for stack-emissions monitoring during 2005. Duties included updating published technical guidance.

  • Providing training in EN ISO/IEC 17025 for Irish Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and peer review for the development of their Air Emission Monitoring Guidance Note #2.
  • Contracted to the Environment Agency to assess process operators’ Monitoring and Reporting plans under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Warwick University
Cleeve School

B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry
Chartered Chemist
Chartered Scientist
UKAS Technical Assessor (EN ISO/IEC 17025 and Mcerts, EN ISO/IEC 17043)
EN ISO 9001 Lead auditor
NEBOSH National General Certificate (distinction)
Technical memeber - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Mcerts Examiner (stack emissions)
Member - Royal Society of Chemistry
Member - Committee of European Normalisation (CEN) TC264 WG19
Member - BSI Committee EH/2/1, Air Quality 
Environment Agency Technical Advisor (2005)
Chairman - STA (1999)
Training Officer - STA (2002-2004)
Marketing Officer - STA (2000-2001)
Quality Officer – STA  (1995-1997)
STA Small Business Officer (2004 - 2008)
STA Training Officer - STA (2008 - 2010)


Simon Medhurst CSci CChem MRSC trading as Smedstack Environmental, 16 Cotswold View, Woodmancote, Cheltenham, GL52 9UE UK

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